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    Henan public label technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of adhesive label paper in China. It provides innovative non drying adhesive label / Sticker / bar code solutions for all kinds of consumer and industrial products, and has many years of professional experience in label printing, bar code label carbon production, paper manufacturing and other industries and excellent reputation. The company provides various specifications and high quality adhesive label paper, bar code label paper, food label, daily label, medical label, logistics label, chemical label, and all kinds of material labels, special labels, such as fragile paper label, two-dimensional code label, high temperature resistant label, thin film label, copperplate label, PET label, Synthetic paper label, thermosensitive paper label, PVC dry glue, BOPP transparent adhesive, laundry water mark, all kinds of tag, product certificate and so on, and the paper products are widely used in electronic, clothing, food, medical, architecture, hardware, printing, retail, chemical, paint, finance, logistics, and biology. The government and many other industries. The company specializes in the production of self-adhesive labels and bar code system equipment consumables as the core of marketing, and is committed to the field of bar code automatic identification application. At the same time, provide comprehensive label printing and other problem solving solutions, has won the praise of our customers.

    Henan public logo Technology Co., Ltd. has more than 40 equipment, such as plate making, cutting, printing, die cutting, cutting, punching, stamping, film mulching, etc., to fully realize the pre press computerization, the high efficiency of printing and the standardization of quality.

    Companies adhering to the "quality first, pragmatic, integrity and innovation, common development" business philosophy, to provide our customers with quality products and services. Sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to create a better future.

    With strong production facilities, quality service and affordable prices, we look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with you, win-win development and brilliant future.