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      Heat transfer printing code color band Position: Home > Heat transfer printing code color band
    • HZ600
    HZ600 Type:Heat transfer printing code color band Direction:Applicable model:Macken Ilmar J 8018 type heat transfer intelligent code printer M... 在線咨詢 HotLine
    +86 15565286911 / +86 0373-3369168

    Applicable model:

    Macken Ilmar J 8018 type heat transfer intelligent code printer Ma Ken IMAS X40 type thermal transfer intelligent code printer


    The thermal transfer printing machine color tape is a special consumable for the thermal transfer printing machine, such as Wei Dijie, maken imam, Domino and so on. It is used in the packaging film, metal foil and label. The printing features can mix characters, date, time format, font, micro standard, bar code, two-dimensional bar at different heights. Shape code, unlimited text bar, and so on, playing the perfect printing effect. It can print out the most reliable signs in flexible packaging, packing bag, shallow dish package, small bag, small bag, vacuum package or label. In order to meet different needs of customers, our company has three models of HZ900, HZ800 and HZ600.

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