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    • SmartDate X30
    SmartDate X30 Type:Heat transfer printer (maken) Direction:The brand new SmartDate X30 thermal transfer printer has changed your code experie... 在線咨詢 HotLine
    +86 15565286911 / +86 0373-3369168

    The brand new SmartDate X30 thermal transfer printer has changed your code experience.

    The truly integrated solution is a solid, compact single box integrated coder, controller and power supply. It is an ideal flexible packaging and coding equipment for small and medium customers. It is the best partner for equipment manufacturers and integrators to optimize the production line integration.

    Quality structure

    The smallest size of the fuselage is only 20 cm x 17 cm x 18 cm, and can be easily integrated into the present.

    Production line is also the first choice for equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

    There is no need for manual intervention and automatic configuration.

    Bad point detection system, intelligent code.

    Body building

    The color band is full and full coverage.

    Diverse options, flexible configuration.

    Professional manufacture

    The world's packaging equipment is deep tillage dozens of years, rugged design, trustworthy stable operation and high quality code.

    Ma Ken IMAS specializes in heat transfer printing head, providing high quality and super long warranty *.

    Code speed: 50 to 600 mm/s.

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