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    • SmartDate X60
    SmartDate X60 Type:Heat transfer printer (maken) Direction:In the design of the heat transfer printer SmartDate X60, Macken Ilmar J considere... 在線咨詢 HotLine
    +86 15565286911 / +86 0373-3369168

    In the design of the heat transfer printer SmartDate X60, Macken Ilmar J considered the factors such as cost control, harsh operating environment, high load operation and so on. This model can finish high resolution identification printing at very high speed, and its super long life heat transfer print head can easily complete each point on the flexible packaging film. Clock 350 packaging speed prints 300 dpi logo content.

    Your benefit

    Easy to achieve high resolution printing of 1000 mm / sec at 300 dpi resolution.

    The use of all resin ribbon can achieve high quality printing of 600 mm / sec, and can improve printing quality in high standard applications.

    Super long life heat transfer printing head.

    The digital ribbon saves printing mode, which can reduce more than 20% of ribbon consumption.

    The standard 1100 meter ribbon reduces the number of belt changes and reduces the cost per time.

    The image adjustment function enables users to directly adjust the image on the user interface without using the computer.

    Energy saving characteristics can save more than 50% of energy consumption.

    The patent protection option is adapted to the whole process of high pressure water washing.

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