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    • LinxTT5&TT10
    LinxTT5&TT10 Type:Heat transfer printer (collar new) Direction:LinxTT5 and TT10 use motors instead of clutches to control ribbons to minimize the... 在線咨詢 HotLine
    +86 15565286911 / +86 0373-3369168

    LinxTT5 and TT10 use motors instead of clutches to control ribbons to minimize the risk of ribbon breakage.

    The design of the ribbon box ensures that the operation of the ribbon replacement is quick and simple.

    Less maintenance, faster ribbon replacement means longer normal operating time.

    The LinxTT5 is equipped with a 1200 meter ribbon, which reduces the frequency of the ribbon replacement and improves the efficiency of the growth line.

    The two way motor drives the ribbon shaft to raise the printing quantity of each ribbon, and the interval between messages is only 0.5 millimeters.

    The use of consumables is efficient without overprinting.

    Color touch screen is easy to use, with fewer mistakes and no barrier operation.

    An intuitive graphical user interface to facilitate preview before code.

    Three grade password protection, improve safety.

    Comprehensive online diagnostic package, optimize production efficiency.

    The design of LinxTT5 and TT10 guarantees flexible transformation between gap and continuous printing mode and left and right hand operation.

    There is no need to increase the input of the code printer when making the required changes.

    The two models are perfectly matched with the numerous existing code printer supports, which can directly match your existing production line perfectly

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